Dear emotions.. Dear life..

Life is a funny old thing.  You try to live it the way you think you should and then one day you question it all, decide on what you want to change and get comfortable and change nothing. No? Just me then.. Yes? Then why do we compare ourselves to others and their lives?

Grass is greener syndrome?

I’ve just had some information that may change everything or nothing. I immediately think the worst. A friend of mine accuses me for being a negative person for doing so. I see it as preparing for the worst. At least that way if it happens you’re prepared. So I’m prepared for the worst, I definitely need a new plan. Not necessarily for life as I’m sure at some point I’ll decide I need a change.

I feel like I’m having a mid-life crisis in my twenties yet again!!!! HELP!


Rich with happiness

I know its still currently 2012.

The main focus for the moment for most people is Christmas, luckily or not luckily my family have never been into the whole festive season so I don’t have to worry about presents. Stupidly I act as if we do, I think its partially wanting to fit in with everyone else, work colleagues, friends, the world! I do buy presents for friends but as a family unit we never did Christmas. Ever. Well we have Christmas dinner but that’s as far as it goes. I do think I missed out as a child and there’s nothing I can do about it now.

So that’s why my focus goes beyond Christmas as its never been a priority.

So now I’m focused on 2013.

2012 has been a rough year for me, I want to make sure 2013 isn’t. I’ve started a jar. The idea is that I fill the jar with notes of good things that happen, almost like a money box but of happiness. So on a bad day I’ll open the jar and read about the good things that happen no matter how big or small.

I was saving the jar for the start of 2013 but I thought I may as well start now, I’ve had a few bad days but looking at the jar alone is enough. I haven’t had to open it yet! A friend of mine is going through similar days to me, I’ve suggested the concept to her and I hope it helps her.

There are so many good things that happen that get forgotten about and overwritten with negative things. This is just a good way of making sure they’re not overlooked.

It’s like a breath of fresh air. My bank balance may not match my happiness jar but I can top that balance up more often! Hopefully in 2013 I’ll be rich – with happiness

One of ‘those’ days…


You can probably guess the tone of this post today, it’s Monday. Mundane. Monday. You get the picture right?

Most weekends the extent of my plans are – I’m going to the gym. With the odd exception when I meet up with friends to do something. A few years ago I realised that unless I suggested or organised anything – we did nothing. It got me down after a while. That resulted in me suggesting nothing.

So I’m used to not doing much, as long as I have the gym I’m fine with that. Turning a negative into a positive, I’ve saved money!!! So I’m glad I don’t have much to do. This weekend it was gym, study and house work. lol such an anti-climax after last weekends zorbing!! It does worry me that after travelling or achieving various activities on my bucket list that life won’t be as fulfilling. Maybe I should spread things out? I duno?

I’ve almost reached my first target of £500 in the savings pot, mainly from eBay sales. I need to start looking into other ways of boosting my savings and escape from this mundane life.

What things do you do to help you cope with monotonous working life? The weekend is never long enough!!

Body fat update!

I’m now at 17.5%!!! I know it’s only 5% difference but I’ve not watched my diet and I’ve made progress. Hopefully if I continue to be good with my diet this month I’ll reduce it even more!! This is a personal challenge, if I can’t do this I don’t know if I can reach one of my dreams.

Staying positive!

Wow that’s in less than a month from my original post!!

Head in the books!

Makes a change for me,  usually my head is in the clouds!

I finally received an email with the log on details for my course! I haven’t studied in 6 years! I have the focus to sit through the lessons, the retaining information is a little harder.

I started with the bones and joints modules, I learnt about the types of bones, the way they move, how the structure affects the shape of your body and the production that goes on within them. It’s really interesting!

I went through the test and passed with 90%, I do feel that they skimmed over a few things but that may just be as it was an introductory module.

I then followed on with the second module which went further into the structure of bones. Medical conditions etc. Now when I look at people with  hunched backs, I’m seeing them as skeletons suffering from kyphosis.

Maybe I should’ve gone into the medical profession!

Have you taken a break from studying only to return years later? How did you cope?

I’m trying the make notes and draw pictures method.

Bucket List : Zorbing Achieved!


I’ve wanted to do something adventurous for a long time, and have been compiling a bucket list. Zorbing wasn’t on their originally but an offer came up on Groupon   and after trawling through the images I couldn’t resist. I asked my friends and they were more than interested in doing it too!!

So yesterday was the day! We arrived at Rutland Water in the Leicestershire countryside and waited with goosebumps by the lake. It was FREEZING, the wind was really high. We for one were late and so we had a long wait for the people who had arrived on time to have their turn.

Looking at the steepness of the hill we were really scared and apprehensive about our roll, looking at the responses from those who had rolled before us it was hard to engage what the experience was like. They didn’t particularly look happy nor unimpressed!

After a long wait it was finally our turn. We were asked to take our shoes off and literally dive into the ball, feet strapped in, waist strapped in, and to hold on tight to the straps. I shared a two man ball with my friend and somehow I think going with my friend made me feel more secure. The nerves were gone and I just wanted to have the experience.

The Zorb team members got us into position and pushed us off, and we rolled. And we rolled, and we laughed and screamed!! It was so much fun, I tried to keep my eyes open all the way down but with the wind it eventually got really bouncy. So not only were we rolling 360 degrees but bouncing too. We couldn’t stop laughing. Once I opened my eyes, I realised just how disorientated I was. I felt so dizzy and a little nauseous too. I’d still do it again though! Hopefully next time on water! Or something more adventurous!

Have you tried Zorbing? How was your experience?

The beginning of a new chapter..

As I’ve only recently started this blog, you’re not to know this. I had intentions of becoming a personal trainer, I was extremely unsure though as it costs almost £3k to do. Once you’re qualified and gain a position within a gym you have to pay the gym “rent” to use their equipment.

I didn’t think I could manage, I don’t think I’m a great sales person. Maybe that would develop through time and experience? I also wanted to get my body to a desirable condition, it would be my marketing after all. So I’ve been working out seriously for 5 months now, the time has flown!

I still love walking in to the gym, still love pushing myself and the chin sweat. Oh there’s no greater feeling than sweat dripping off your body after a tough cardio session or lifting a really heavy weight. I wasn’t sure if this was a phase I was going through so I thought I’d continue and see how it all panned out. I’m still addicted!

I’ve signed myself up for a fitness instructor course, ok so I know it isn’t the same as a personal trainer but the difference in cost is vast! Besides the course was on special offer and an e-learning course so I can do it at my own pace and there are no travel costs!! (bonus while I’m saving) The qualification is recognised internationally so hopefully I’ll become involved in the fitness world abroad at some point in life!!

I’m hoping the course will help me with my own training and eliminate or reduce the need for a trainer when I find a competition to take part in. I’m sure I’ll need help with posing so I’ll find someone to assist with that.

Now I’ve signed up I literally feel at one with myself, my future self, as if it’s my destiny as if I’m doing what I want for me, nobody else. It’s a great feeling. My sister has also signed up and we’re so excited about doing this and our future prospects!

Have you ever taken a step away from your career path? How did that work out for you?

Wish me luck!!

Life is for living…


Sometimes we forget, we are human after all. I don’t know about you but I let my thoughts and feelings stop me from doing a lot.

I’m really trying to move away from that way of life, over the past two years I lost 2 uncles. I only knew about their characters and the way they lived their lives through their eulogies. I swore I’d live my life. To the fullest.

I came across the quote pictured.  I want to be happier, I want more memories, therefore I need to do more.

I was invited out tonight by the staff at the gym. I don’t really know them all that well, its sweet really that they’ve invited me out. The old me would’ve said no, the new me is going… for the experience..

What experiences made you happier? What experiences enriched your lives or changed the way you live yours?