Knowing my weaknesses

I guess through my bigger plan – which I know I haven’t really mentioned other than I’m saving for it. I guess its undisclosed is the fact that there is no definite plan. In fact I have several options each of different costs and their own requirements.

How do you commit to a plan where there isn’t one?

For now my commitment is saving.

1 step at a time, but I’ve only a limited number of steps!

I have come to the conclusion (an obvious one) that I need to earn more money and with that comes hunting for a new job. Writing a CV was challenging and the covering letter was too, see one of my weaknesses is selling myself and being confident in my abilities. Will they stand out amongst other the other applicants. Then there’s the interview!!!!! – If I even get that far.

What if I’m not good enough for the company? Are my strengths strong enough? If I’m that underwhelmed by my own documents, what will an employer think?

Am I the only one that thinks like this?


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