My Sanctuary


The gym is THE one place I love to go to, it’s where I escape the world, my worries, my frustrations the world. Most people sign up to a membership after Christmas gilt sets in and never set foot into the building again. Those that remain, they remain for a reason; they’re there to battle their own personal demons. Lets face it no one is made to go, its their own personal choice to go.

I still have demons, well issues (I’m not religious) I’m trying to deal with and get past. Not everything has an answer and there are various things out of my control. I’ve been going to the gym daily, the only times I haven’t been are when I’ve been bed bound or out of the country.

I’m considering taking part in a bikini/figure contest, since I’m weightlifting anyway I may as well put it to something constructive. It’s a huge test of character though, dedication, will power and confidence – something I lack. I haven’t actually told anyone it’s what I want to do – I don’t want to be judged. The first image anyone has when they think of women and weights is the steroid filled masculine looking women. That’s not the look I want.

A bikini/figure competition is penciled in on my bucket list, if I decide to compete I’ll post about it. I’ll also be asking for opinions on colours etc for the bikini I choose too!

Have you ever decided to take part in something that was challenging or a test of character for you? How did it work out?


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