Me? An Athlete?


I had my fat percentage measured yesterday. We all know about women, numbers and weight, right?

I’ve religiously been working out daily since February and I weighed and measured my body fat on a stand alone machine at the gym. That said I was 25% body fat although I’d take that with a pinch of salt as the next time I used it (wearing the same trainers) , it said I’d grown taller. According to the American Council on Exercise (not an official government agency) that 25% is average.

My weight hasn’t changed through working out but my body shape has, my clothes fit differently and RIP to my old bras. Yesterday I  braved another test, this time using a Lloyds Pharmacy Body Handheld Composition. Apparently more accurate, and now its 18%, the personal trainer said he’d estimate I was more like 14-16% as I’m quite lean but either way I’m happy. My goal is to get abs in time for Xmas.

So happy in fact, I thought I’d make cupcakes! lol

Do you have any fitness goals? How did you keep yourself motivated?


2 thoughts on “Me? An Athlete?

  1. Keeping fit and healthy for my own well being, to enable me to pursue my dreams!! Body changes are important, weight should be less of a concern unless you need to lose for medical reasons… Good luck, and are you trainng for something in particular?

    • I’m considering taking part in a figure or bikini contest, I haven’t applied for any as I need to do more research (what class I’d be suited for etc). It’s just astonishing that with no change in weight how your body can change, I guess it shows others that the scales are not that important unless you are actually over-weight. The human body is amazing!!

      Thanks for wishing me luck! Ü

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