Group Hug!

In a previous post about my job hunt I mentioned weaknesses, I guess this is where my blog shows how my brain crosses paths and ideas together. I’m still trying to push myself to not care what others think when it comes to my own decisions.

I guess that it what has put me off talking about my intentions to compete in a fitness competition, initially bikini or figure. That is partially down to the images people have of female bodybuilders that take steroids.

It is something that is out of my comfort zone, I’m a Leo and according to the traits of my sign I’m supposed to love attention. I hate it. I think this would be a great test of character, empowering and give me the confidence to be more out there.

Who knows what it could lead on to?

Before I decide whether I’m able to do this I’m going to attend a few competitions, I guess to scope out my future competition and assess my ability.

I received this Tweet today from a follower when I said I go to the gym daily. “woah that’s intense, your diet and lifestyle must be so disciplined esp as u play video games too *bows down* u have my respect Ü”. (Yes, I’m a gamer too).

It’s supportive messages like that, that help you on your journey, whether people know your goals or not. There is such a great community out there, where would we be without the internet? *group hug*


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