Life is for living…


Sometimes we forget, we are human after all. I don’t know about you but I let my thoughts and feelings stop me from doing a lot.

I’m really trying to move away from that way of life, over the past two years I lost 2 uncles. I only knew about their characters and the way they lived their lives through their eulogies. I swore I’d live my life. To the fullest.

I came across the quote pictured.  I want to be happier, I want more memories, therefore I need to do more.

I was invited out tonight by the staff at the gym. I don’t really know them all that well, its sweet really that they’ve invited me out. The old me would’ve said no, the new me is going… for the experience..

What experiences made you happier? What experiences enriched your lives or changed the way you live yours?


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