The beginning of a new chapter..

As I’ve only recently started this blog, you’re not to know this. I had intentions of becoming a personal trainer, I was extremely unsure though as it costs almost £3k to do. Once you’re qualified and gain a position within a gym you have to pay the gym “rent” to use their equipment.

I didn’t think I could manage, I don’t think I’m a great sales person. Maybe that would develop through time and experience? I also wanted to get my body to a desirable condition, it would be my marketing after all. So I’ve been working out seriously for 5 months now, the time has flown!

I still love walking in to the gym, still love pushing myself and the chin sweat. Oh there’s no greater feeling than sweat dripping off your body after a tough cardio session or lifting a really heavy weight. I wasn’t sure if this was a phase I was going through so I thought I’d continue and see how it all panned out. I’m still addicted!

I’ve signed myself up for a fitness instructor course, ok so I know it isn’t the same as a personal trainer but the difference in cost is vast! Besides the course was on special offer and an e-learning course so I can do it at my own pace and there are no travel costs!! (bonus while I’m saving) The qualification is recognised internationally so hopefully I’ll become involved in the fitness world abroad at some point in life!!

I’m hoping the course will help me with my own training and eliminate or reduce the need for a trainer when I find a competition to take part in. I’m sure I’ll need help with posing so I’ll find someone to assist with that.

Now I’ve signed up I literally feel at one with myself, my future self, as if it’s my destiny as if I’m doing what I want for me, nobody else. It’s a great feeling. My sister has also signed up and we’re so excited about doing this and our future prospects!

Have you ever taken a step away from your career path? How did that work out for you?

Wish me luck!!


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