Bucket List : Zorbing Achieved!


I’ve wanted to do something adventurous for a long time, and have been compiling a bucket list. Zorbing wasn’t on their originally but an offer came up on Groupon   and after trawling through the images I couldn’t resist. I asked my friends and they were more than interested in doing it too!!

So yesterday was the day! We arrived at Rutland Water in the Leicestershire countryside and waited with goosebumps by the lake. It was FREEZING, the wind was really high. We for one were late and so we had a long wait for the people who had arrived on time to have their turn.

Looking at the steepness of the hill we were really scared and apprehensive about our roll, looking at the responses from those who had rolled before us it was hard to engage what the experience was like. They didn’t particularly look happy nor unimpressed!

After a long wait it was finally our turn. We were asked to take our shoes off and literally dive into the ball, feet strapped in, waist strapped in, and to hold on tight to the straps. I shared a two man ball with my friend and somehow I think going with my friend made me feel more secure. The nerves were gone and I just wanted to have the experience.

The Zorb team members got us into position and pushed us off, and we rolled. And we rolled, and we laughed and screamed!! It was so much fun, I tried to keep my eyes open all the way down but with the wind it eventually got really bouncy. So not only were we rolling 360 degrees but bouncing too. We couldn’t stop laughing. Once I opened my eyes, I realised just how disorientated I was. I felt so dizzy and a little nauseous too. I’d still do it again though! Hopefully next time on water! Or something more adventurous!

Have you tried Zorbing? How was your experience?


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