Head in the books!

Makes a change for me,  usually my head is in the clouds!

I finally received an email with the log on details for my course! I haven’t studied in 6 years! I have the focus to sit through the lessons, the retaining information is a little harder.

I started with the bones and joints modules, I learnt about the types of bones, the way they move, how the structure affects the shape of your body and the production that goes on within them. It’s really interesting!

I went through the test and passed with 90%, I do feel that they skimmed over a few things but that may just be as it was an introductory module.

I then followed on with the second module which went further into the structure of bones. Medical conditions etc. Now when I look at people with  hunched backs, I’m seeing them as skeletons suffering from kyphosis.

Maybe I should’ve gone into the medical profession!

Have you taken a break from studying only to return years later? How did you cope?

I’m trying the make notes and draw pictures method.


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