One of ‘those’ days…


You can probably guess the tone of this post today, it’s Monday. Mundane. Monday. You get the picture right?

Most weekends the extent of my plans are – I’m going to the gym. With the odd exception when I meet up with friends to do something. A few years ago I realised that unless I suggested or organised anything – we did nothing. It got me down after a while. That resulted in me suggesting nothing.

So I’m used to not doing much, as long as I have the gym I’m fine with that. Turning a negative into a positive, I’ve saved money!!! So I’m glad I don’t have much to do. This weekend it was gym, study and house work. lol such an anti-climax after last weekends zorbing!! It does worry me that after travelling or achieving various activities on my bucket list that life won’t be as fulfilling. Maybe I should spread things out? I duno?

I’ve almost reached my first target of £500 in the savings pot, mainly from eBay sales. I need to start looking into other ways of boosting my savings and escape from this mundane life.

What things do you do to help you cope with monotonous working life? The weekend is never long enough!!


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