Bucket List : Zorbing Achieved!

I’ve wanted to do something adventurous for a long time, and have been compiling a bucket list. Zorbing wasn’t on their originally but an offer came up on Groupon   and after trawling through the images I couldn’t resist. I asked my friends and they were more than interested in doing it too!! So yesterday […]

Birthdays and bucket lists

This year its different, honestly it really is

Another birthday came and went in August, I spent part of it on a beach in Barbados and then on an Aeroplane. Not my first choice although this was remedied through a good old knees up back in England! Whenever a birthday is due or a new year arrives I always think about things I want to achieve or do, then everyday life comes along and ruins it all. Not to mention impulsive spending.

This year its different, honestly it really is. I’m not getting any younger and various things on my buck list are age restrictive!!!! See it really is different this time!

So what have I actually done differently? Well I’ve opened a savings account and I’m actually actively adding money to it. So far I’ve made £22.65 through using Quidco a website that gives you cash back for purchasing through them, that has one in the pot.

I’ve listed a few items on eBay so fingers crossed they’ll sell!! I have a number of people watching items, I know I’ve watched items previously and forgotten about them!! Think positive!! I must keep a positive mantra!!

I also have an account through Halifax that pays you £5 a month for depositing a thousand pounds into the account. This also goes straight into the savings account.

I’m debating other venues so hopefully I’ll have other money making schemes that aren’t too taxing.

As for my list, well I’ll keep it close to my chest for now!