Body fat update!

I’m now at 17.5%!!! I know it’s only 5% difference but I’ve not watched my diet and I’ve made progress. Hopefully if I continue to be good with my diet this month I’ll reduce it even more!! This is a personal challenge, if I can’t do this I don’t know if I can reach one […]

My New Blog

My New Blog

I’ve created a separate blog, I’ve decided it was best to keep the competition journey separate to this blog. I’ll still continue to post my thoughts and future plans on this blog, if you’re also interested in my progress towards competing then please follow this blog too!

The beginning of a new chapter..

As I’ve only recently started this blog, you’re not to know this. I had intentions of becoming a personal trainer, I was extremely unsure though as it costs almost £3k to do. Once you’re qualified and gain a position within a gym you have to pay the gym “rent” to use their equipment. I didn’t […]